HIV Will Project

A special will panel provides simple wills and related documents to persons with AIDS, ARC and who are HIV positive. Most client requests come through support groups such as Hope and Help, Aspire-Centaur, or Miracle of Love. Attorneys commit to provision of services to four clients throughout the year.

Citizen Dispute Settlement / Family Mediation

Attorneys serve as mediators for the OCBA sponsored programs of CDS and Family Mediation. For CDS, attorneys agree to act as mediators for disputes over civil matters such as neighborhood disputes, landlord/tenant, etc. For Family Mediation, attorneys with specific training requirements act as mediators in family law matters. Preference for participation is given to government attorneys and corporate counsel.

Community Education Panel

Government attorneys (assistant state attorneys, public defenders, city and county attorneys) and in-house corporate counsel agree to speak to community groups and participate in community programs that impact low-income residents of Orange County. Attorneys speak on a variety of topics and discuss the Legal Aid Society as well. Brochures about Legal Aid are provided. For more information, please contact Larri Thatcher at [email protected].

Earned Income Credit / Tax Assistance Project

Attorneys will provide assistance to eligible clients with preparing their returns, especially with obtaining the earned income tax credit. Training will be provided. Preference will be given to government attorneys and corporate counsel and volunteers will need to be available February through mid-April for 5 to 7 dates. Participation can be in person or virtual.

Nonprofit Incorporation Project

Attorneys assist eligible community groups with initial incorporation and obtaining 501-c-3 status. Attorneys should expect to assist with both incorporation and 501-c-3 status.

Teen Court

This diversion program was created to help juveniles who have been accused of misdemeanors. The juveniles will appear at a teen court composed of other teens as prosecutor, defense attorney, and jury. Pro bono attorneys will serve as advisors and trainers and preference will be given to judges, government and corporate attorneys. Attorneys should expect to be available for 12 sessions or about 30 hours.

VALOR Project of Orange County

Attorneys meet with U.S. Military Veterans at VA Medical Center to provide legal consultation. Clinic has hours twice each month. Participants are expected to attend once each month. Cases identified for legal assistance can be handled by the interviewing attorney or referred through the pro bono panel. For more information please contact Jay Mobley, Project Coordinator, [email protected].