The rumors are true! We have bikes for you!

In the Fall of 2017, Legal Aid’s Bike Program was born. It took the will of one of our incredible volunteers, Kathy Downs, to get it all started.   Kathy, otherwise known as the “Bike Fairy”, realized we had an unmet need in our community – many of our dependent children did not have bikes.  They were missing out on the joy of riding around their neighborhood, wind blowing in their hair, soaking in that little taste of freedom that a nice bike ride can provide.  A necessity of childhood.

The Bike Fairy waved her magic wand and used some elbow grease to provide nearly 3000 bikes, helmets, locks and lights to dependent children in Orange County to date.  With her help and that of several other community partners, the Legal Aid Society hosts two bike giveaways per year for children with open dependency cases.  If a need arises before then, have no fear, the Bike Fairy is still here! While the bike giveaways prioritize children with open Orange County dependency cases, requests can be made year-round for all children with open Florida dependency cases.

If you know of a child in Orange County with an open dependency case, who needs a bike, please contact Kathy Downs at [email protected]. Please be sure to specify the child’s name, dependency case number, county in which the case is open, the child’s age, height, preferences for bike color, as well as the name of person who will pick up the bike for the child and their relationship to the child.

kids smiling on bikes