"I have such a strong commitment and passion for providing pro bono representation of these children and working as a GAL. I appreciate the opportunity to perform this type of work and never view it as an inconvenience or burden."

~ Michael S. Waranch, Esquire (GAL)

"I’m glad that I am a part of a child’s support system.”

~ Charlotte Blackburn (VAC)

“I was at a point in my life where I needed to work toward” filling in the dash.” This is a space on your tombstone between the date of one’s beginning and the date of one’s end. I knew I needed to do something meaningful to fill in those years, something worthy of the many blessings that have bestowed upon me. I was able to fulfill this desire by joining Legal Aid’s Volunteer Advocates for Children Program.”

~ Diane Smith (VAC)

“Contributions made by VACs are greatly appreciated and allow me to accept new cases needing immediate attention.”

~ Robert Dietz, Esquire (GAL)

"My experience as a VAC has made me more sensitive to situations where innocent children are caught in the middle and need someone to watch out for them. These children are the future, and they need us now."

~ Joe W. Morrison, Jr. (VAC)

“I have found my experience as a VAC helpful to children and personally rewarding.”

~ Jeri Spriggs (VAC)

"Being a Guardian ad Litem has really opened my eyes to the numerous issues that abused, neglected and abandoned children face in our society and has made me more aware of the extent to which many children in our community need to be heard and represented.”

~ Dulcy Miller Reck, Esquire (GAL) 


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