Judge J.C. ‘Jake’ Stone Distinguished Service Award

This award was named after Judge Stone, a county judge from Orange County, who was active in community service. It was created in 1987. It has been presented each year since as the highest recognition that Legal Aid gives for pro bono work.

Past winners are:

1987 Michael R. Walsh
1988 Herbert L. Allen
1989 Ralph V. "Terry" Hadley III
1990 Sally D. M. Kest
1991 Salvatore "Frank" Scarito
1992 Charles R. "Chuck" Stepter
1993 Alexander C. Mackinnon
1994 Dorothea Watson
1995 John Marshall Kest
1996 Bruce B. Blackwell
1997 Norberto S. Katz
1998 Lawrence J. Phalin
1999 Philip Hugh Trees
2000 Jeffrey Branham
2001 G. Charles Wohlust
2002 Richard A. Leigh
2003 Chris Ballentine
2004 James Magee
2005 Matthew G. Brenner
2006 Susan V. Stucker
2007 John R. Hamilton
2008 Robert H. Threadgill
2009 Robert L. Dietz
2010 Neal J. Blaher
2011 Edmund T. Baxa, Jr.
2012 Joseph L. Amos, Jr.
2013 Frank C. Wesighan
2014 Edward R. Alexander, Jr.
2015 Pamela L. Foels
2016 Brenda Lee London
2017 John R. Dierking
2018 Dougald B. Leitch
2019 Mary Ann Etzler


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